Over the past few years FOX has established itself as one of Norway's most exciting TV channels, with the most dedicated viewers. NewsLab has been a part of that journey.

2014 - now
How can a relatively small niche channel captivate a large audience with limited funds? With series like The Walking Dead, the possibilities are greater than one could imagine ...
FOX viewers love their series, and they're on Facebook. FOX embraces this combination to the fullest, aided by NewsLab. We're as nerdy as they are, and the result is catchy, wide-reaching communication.
FOX' Facebook page so far in 2016 has had a reach of 100 per cent – well above the number typical for similar sites. That includes organic content.
FOX communicates with fans mainly through Facebook, through FOX' own page and a separate Walking Dead fan page. The content, often in video, is so well received that it achieves startlingly good organic reach. We also creates the FOX blog, with dedicated content on the channel's series.
About the project

FOX is one of Norway's most interesting niche TV channels, which, thanks to smart and targeted purchases of series, has grown to become a major player among a younger and attractive viewership. This is thanks to series favorites such as The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Futurama, Lucifer and Outcast.

These series tend to have a very dedicated fan base, which in turn requires a higher level of communication. To talk to fans, you must be a fan – and communicate the content in a way that shows that you have a good understanding of, and care about, what you are communicating.

NewsLab have taken this job seriously, just by being playful and attentive in tone. Through posts on FOX's blog and engaging videos on Facebook, we have managed to reach out to the core fans. That they have been impressed, clearly reflected in the immediate response these records are in the form of "likes", comments and especially organic shares.