Storebrand cares about the future - both for its customers and the planet we live on. As the world's most sustainable financial company, Storebrand has a lot to communicate, and NewsLab is very happy to help.

2017 - now
Complex issues such as banking, insurance, retirement and sustainability must be communicated in a simple and easy-to-understand manner - and interest and engage so that people take action to secure their own finances and future.
We create engaging and relevant content for Storebrand, customized to audiences and distribution platforms.
Content is published on the Storebrand websites, and is distributed mainly through social media, in newsletters and native ads.
About the project

"We are very pleased with the collaboration with Newslab. They know what they are doing and have gathered a great group of people who are very good at communicating complex issues in a simple way that everyone understands," says Hilde Stray Due, chief of content at Storebrand, continuing:

"Having a dedicated content producer who becomes familiar with us and becoming part of our team is a clear advantage. At the same time, we have the flexibility because they are many who can step in either because we want to increase capacity or because we want to produce movies instead of text. If you are concerned with good quality content, I would definitely recommend using NewsLab!"

With the reorganization of the Norwegian pension model, and with a workforce who, more and more, freelances and exchanges jobs relatively often, many will find that they get an unpleasant surprise when they retire. Communicating around topics such as pensions and finances can be difficult, because, to many, they might seem complicated and scary.

Storebrand is a bank that takes these issues seriously, working to provide good information, ensuring that the public can make well-founded choices related to their own pensions and finances. At the same time Storebrand sees sustainability in a broad context, our own sustainability means little if the earth's sustainability is compromised.

"Storebrand is a dream partner! A big player, with a big and green heart for both people and the future", says general manager Kristiane Roe Hammer, and continues:

"We are so proud of working with Storebrand!"