Bleed & Innovasjon Norge


With more than 40 journeys and 90 travel days so far, we have traveled far and wide, meeting people throughout Norway.

2015 - now
Branding Norway as a travel destination.
We travel all over the country, to meet real people and experience stunning nature. We tell inspiring stories that show what you can expect when traveling in Norway, focusing on sustainability, nature experiences, Norwegian raw materials, Norwegian culture and tradition, and of course the people who live here.
Our content is distributed throughout the year in several languages and regions, to help people discover all that Norway has to offer and plan their trip.
The content is published on Visit Norway as well as campaigns and social media.
About the project

Since 2015 Newslab has traveled far and wide to meet people throughout Norway. Working with Bleed, we are leading the research, planning and implementation of a large project on behalf of Innovation Norway.

We believe in real storys told by real people to show what our beautiful country has to offer, wether it concerns nature, food, drinks, culture, design or architecture.