We have moved and are finally home

Dec 04 2017

The combination of growing pains, and that our old office at Øvre Slottsgate is having a makeover, made us decide to find a new home. Finally, we decided on Torggata 7, with its 750 square meters, which we share with other exciting businesses.

This office space has genuine soul: interesting people, simple solutions, old painting and lots of rough solutions. We have an enormous back yard (we're already talking about installing mini golf, a skate ramp, an out door cinema, camping wagons as meeting rooms, etc.) and eventually we simply must invite you to a back yard party.

Our foosball table has gotten its own glass cage, and we have finally obtained ping pong. We are very excited to say the least!

We wish all our friends welcome to us here at Torggata 7! You will find us between Haralds Vafler and Gina Tricot. For now at least, it says "outlet" above the entrance...

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